2013 Black Friday Deals

Again, like last year, many items are up to 50% off. Here are some of this year’s deal:

MG Gundam 3.0 and MG Duel Gundam for 49.99 each.

MG Age-2 Double Bullet, MG Kampfer, MG Re-GZ, and HG Delta Gundam for 39.99 each.

Many MG and 1/100 Deals are priced at 25.99 and 29.99

Also HG and SD Deals: 9.99, 15.99 and 19.99.

Total with 100+ items are discounted.


Plus, get $25 off regular price on the new released Metal Build Exia Repair II. Now only $124.99

$20 off on Gundam Fix Metal Composite Psycho Gundam MK-II, Now only $149.99


Black Friday Sale

well, almost six months after the first post………………..

anyway Black Friday Sale stars now. save 50% or more on selected models. prices from $10, $15, $25, and $40

for those who want build their GM or Zaku army, now is the time.

for those car model lovers out there, all car models are now buy one and get one free.


also, save $100 on Soul of Chogokin GX-04S UFO Robo Grendizer Set. Now Only $180




and save $100+ on Soul of Chogokin GX-61 Daioja. Now Only $230

New Items, April 2012

New items for April are here. Check it out. Also, all items are 25% off this month!

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